Casandra + Adam New Orleans Elopement

Casandra and Adam visited New Orleans with two of their dear friends and wanted to combine their vacation along with their elopement. I was of course amazed by this idea and laughing with Casandra about how she was more excited to surprise her friends more so than eloping. We met near The French Quarter Wedding Chapel and I quickly took a few snaps of her and Adam before her friends arrived. I was so nervous I would spoil it for them and didn't want them to see me. We all managed to pull it off and Casandra and Adam had a short and simple ceremony accompanied by their nearest and dearest. It was exactly what they wanted and I was so happy to document this most special day for them.

Ross & Christy

I love it when client's are up for a drive and getting a dose of nature. Ross & Christy drove from New Orleans to meet me at Jungle Gardens. They both love the outdoors and going for walks so I thought the gardens would be a great location for their engagement shoot. We had crisp overcast weather and Christy's boots certainly held up in the muddy parts of the trails. I had a blast getting to know these guys and i'm so excited for their upcoming wedding in the Bywater next week!

The Lee Family

Kayla has a creative soul. Everything she touches turns into something beautiful and unique. She is one half of the floral design team We Are Gathered. I've had the pleasure of working with their florals in the past, and was honored when asked to shoot her family. Her two little ones, Ruby and Dorothy, are the cutest and their home radiates so much love and warmth. Kayla and Alan are two amazing parents, and these little ladies have the most precious bond. During the shoot I learned that big sis Ruby was the one who came up with Dorothy's name, amazing!


Sally, Justin, and August are the sweetest family. We took a quiet stroll through Audubon Park and August had us cracking up! What a special treat to shoot these guys.

Tyler & David

Tyler and David share a mutual love for plants, wine, and intimate dinners. They celebrated with their dearest at the cutest venue in the Bywater. The rain fell gently as they said their vows awakening all the greenery around them. It was magical.

venue: catering d'orleans  planners: clark&kelly  florals: allison dishman

Samantha & Steven

I met Samantha and Steven early morning for their engagement shoot. It was quiet, the light was soft, and they were so sweet and sleepy. There was a slight chill in the air but their warm embrace was all they needed. 

Jess, Justin, & Alex

I met Jess, Justin, and their little one Alex in the Bywater for a family and engagement shoot. It was such a pleasure cruising the streets with them and watching little Alex explore the neighborhood. I'm so excited for this upcoming wedding and to see how little Alex has grown since this shoot. Documenting all the love a family has for one another is amazing in itself- and to be able to capture them all on their wedding day just makes my heart explode!

Kimberly & Jonathan

Kimberly and Jonathan decided to keep things intimate. A wedding size of about 16 guests witnessed these two love birds exchange vows under the Tree of Life. This wedding was another reminder that size doesn't matter when it comes to expressing how great your love for each other is. Congrats to these two. 


I had the pleasure of  meeting little Ronan and shooting him when he was 8 weeks old. I was amazed to see him again a year later so big and full of personality! Time does fly by and so much growth happens everyday. I learn something from every shoot, and Ronan reminded me again how to sit back and observe and tap in, the shots will come out naturally if you just let them. Also, this is the coolest buggy I've ever seen!

Leah & Jeff

I love shooting in the rain. When I spoke with Leah about her and Jeff eloping in Algiers Point it was like she could read my mind. I've always wanted to capture this part of New Orleans. The ferry ride, the courthouse, and the levee are all places I visit often and feel so familiar with. This shoot brought new light into my lens. I saw other details and angles that seemed to jump out in front of me. I left this shoot feeling so excited for these images. After the ceremony they invited me to a beer with them which I sadly had to decline. We said our goodbyes and I walked back to my house in the rain and took the long way home. ☂

Stephanie & Scott

Stephanie & Scott asked me to document their ceremony during sunset. I loved the idea from the start. Stephanie works as a Doula and Nanny and Scott co-owns a coffee shop. They exchanged vows on their one year anniversary with a sister by each side and Stephanie's best friend. The evening was simple but filled with stories and memories of their loved ones. The ring that once belonged to Stephanie's grandmother, Mimi, was placed on her finger that night. It's amazing how the spirit of someone can live on. Congrats to these two and their journey will forever be surrounded with love. ☽


This is my dear friend Kristin. Being with her on her special day hours before her ceremony was very special to me. She was so relaxed and at peace. The whole process of getting ready and decorative is so ritualistic and I felt very honored to be near her and her beautiful smiles. I crept quietly around her, being careful to shoot with ease and gentleness. These are the precious moments that I love capturing so much and for that I feel so incredibly grateful. 

Natasha & Lance

Natasha and Lance are hard working people. They both work long hours in the kitchen and behind the bar, creating and serving and providing an experience for others to enjoy. We had to reschedule this shoot for months due to our busy schedules. When we finally got together it was magical. It was a slightly overcast morning and there was a soft breeze in the air. We dodged mosquitos and chased dapples of light together. Sometimes in photography magic happens and everything just seems right. After the shoot we sat down for a bowl of pho. The broth was the best i've ever had. Truly this moment was worth the wait. ♥︎♥︎